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Introducing our San Marcos de Leon Oil, a sacred and powerful tool in the practice of protection and spiritual warfare. This oil is specially formulated to invoke the intercession of St. Mark of Leon, a revered figure known for his ability to ward off enemies and shield individuals from harm. Our oil is made with the finest ingredients and is designed to be used in prayer and ritual to request St. Mark's intervention in taming enemies and overcoming obstacles. Whether facing physical or spiritual dangers, this oil serves as a potent aid in upholding faith and integrity in the midst of adversity. Add this San Marcos de Leon Oil to your spiritual arsenal and experience the strength and protection it can bring to your life.

San Marcos de Leon Oil

$4.99 Regular Price
$2.99Sale Price
  • St. Mark of Leon is known as a powerful protector of faith and integrity in the face of physical and spiritual dangers, to whom a prayer is said in request to tame enemies.

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